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Handtied Hair Extensions

Luxury, Pinterest- Worthy Hair is only one Appointment away!


The beaded weft extensions are the most comfortable, seamless, natural looking and least damaging method available. Customizable with other methods to tailor whatever individual needs you request. 


Why Choose Handtied Hair Extensions?

  • Newest technology in wefts being used for comfort and itch free

  • Invisible, even when exposed

  • No glue, no tape, no stickiness

  • Thinnest wefts available, that lay flat to your head

  • Custom colored for a seamless blend

  • Maintenance is minimal, every 6-8 weeks 

  • Can be worn up or down in any style you choose

  • Great option for all hair types

  • Can add volume, length, or both

  • Comfortable and lightweight

  • Hair is maintained in natural fall position, which means minimal tension on your hair

  • Less tension = no breakage, damage or pain

  • Your hair can and will grow with proper care!

New extension clients and clients who have not been to Utopia in 7+ months must fill out

the New Client Extension form. This provides important insight regarding your

expectations, goals, and will help Utopia Salon and Day Spa Staff to determine if we are

a good match.


Please allow up to 48 hours to review your form and we will reach out to you personally

to book your consultation.

All new extension clients must have an in-salon consultation appointment prior to

booking an initial installation appointment. During this appointment,  we will discuss

your hair and extension history and go over your pre extension form. We will explain

extension care and maintenance, and establish the plan to get you to your hair goals.

At the conclusion of your consultation, we will book your installation appointment once 

you are ready.

A non-refundable payment will be due at time of booking. This amount will be

determined based off of the length and density of hair needed. The day of your install appointment, payment is due for color of wefts, hair color needed for your natural hair and your install, cut and style.

If your installation appointment must be cancelled under 48 hours of your appointment,

a $100 rebooking fee will apply. 


  • Recommended Brushes - Wet brush for detangling  and daily brushing

  • Brush your hair 4-5 times daily to stimulate your scalp, reduce shedding and to help  avoid matting

  • Do not brush hard directly at the root. Hold one hand one the top of the weft and brush with the other


  • Keep your extensions moisturized daily with a lightweight oil and always use heat protectant before you use a hot tool

  • If you do not, you will have white beads on the ends and potentially have breakage


  • Wear your hair in a low ponytail or braids with scrunchies while you are sleeping. Sleeping freely can cause matting and shorten the life of your extensions

  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase

  • Never sleep on wet extensions, you must blow dry your extensions 100% focusing mainly at the attachment of the beads and wefts. This will avoid slipping and matting prolonging the life of your extensions


  • Attach a shower filter to the shower head

  • Use a deep conditioning treatment on extension ends

  • Thoroughly shampoo 2-3 times between your rows with your fingers in a V along the top and bottom of each row. Rinse well to avoid a dry itchy scalp from build up

  • Shampoo 1 - 2 times a week max. Shampoo top and bang area only as a refresher if needed in between full shampoo


  • Swimming in a pool, ocean or lake with your extensions is not recommended with your hair down in the water

  • The natural elements in the waters can cause damage to the hair

  • Pull your hair back in a ponytail, braids or bun and under a hat to keep it safe from the water and sun

  • Never allow your extension hair to come into contact with sunscreen that is not mineral based- Recommendations-


      Sun Bum- Mineral

      Supergoop! Play

      Supergoop! Unseen 

      Bare Republic- Mineral


      *Certain sunscreens will change the color of your extensions and most times will not come out, this voids any warranty on the contract and you may have to buy new hair extensions​

New Install Pricing Ranges from $650+- $2580+ depending on desired hair length


Thinking about making the dive into the world of mermaid hair? Come in for an in person consult to find out everything and anything you could possibly need to know to take the plunge!!!


This is a general pricing guide that tends to suit most hair types. For an exact price quote, you must submit an extension consult form or book an in person extension consult


Pricing listed below will include your hair purchase, install, cut to blend natural hair to extensions and style​

14 INCH INSTALL PRICING     1 ROW $630 | 2 ROWS $705 

18 INCH INSTALL PRICING     1 ROW $841 | 2 ROWS $916 


20 INCH INSTALL PRICING     1 ROW $975 | 2 ROWS $1,050

22 INCH INSTALL PRICING     1 ROW $1,035 | 2 ROWS $1,110

24 INCH INSTALL PRICING     1 ROW $1,089 | 2 ROWS $1,164




Move-ups are every 6-9 Weeks & Color is not included

1 ROW $75+  | 2 ROWS $150+

1/2 ROW $50


Mini Move-ups are every 3-4 Weeks, can be done 1 to 2 times before a full maintenance appointment & Color is not included

*can not be done with the concealed bead method*

On the morning of your initial install or maintenance appointment, arrive with clean, dry hair.

If you are in need of color and/ or, please book a consultation and pricing is not included

in the above ​extension pricing.

Please fill out the form below and allow up to 48 hours and we will be in contact with you.

Booking and Policies

Maintenance and Home Care


Handtied Hair Extensions Inquiry Form

Have you ever worn extensions or are you currently wearing extensions?
How would you describe your hair?
How would you describe your hair density?
Are you currently going through a Post Natal or Post Covid Hair Loss Stage?
How would you describe your hair texture?
How long is your natural hair?
What is your overall goal with your extension investment?
How soon are you looking to book your extension appointment?
Requested time of the day for appointment?

Please post a few photos of Inspiration & a before photo.

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