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Total Body

Swedish Massage

Whether new to massage or a seasoned regular, our therapists will leave you with a feeling of relaxation and wellness.

Light to Medium Pressure

25 Minutes- Back, Neck, & Shoulders $57

50 Minutes- Choose Full Body or Back, Neck, & Shoulders $85

80 Minutes- Choose Full Body or Back, Neck, and Shoulders $120

Deep Tissue Massage

Recharge your body with this powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. This treatment uses deep movements and stretching techniques concentrated on specific areas of concern to help relieve common discomforts and sports related tension.

Firm to Deep pressure

25 Minutes- Back, Neck, & Shoulders $64

50 Minutes- Choose Full Body or Back, Neck, & Shoulders $95

80 Minutes- Choose Full Body or Back, Neck, and Shoulders $135

TMJ Massage 

focuses on the treatment of Temporomandibular joint dysfunction and pain which is sometimes accompanied by headaches, muscle aches and movement dysfunctions. 

Intraoral work, back, neck and face

25 Minutes- $45

*great as an add on

100 Acres of Relaxation CBD Massage 

Farmhouse Fresh All New 'Swell Being' CBD Oil

Hands and feet are cradled into a warm, sultry compress infused with nourishing vitamin E and coconut oil to soften skin for the kneading of its dreams! Choose the area to target with the CBD oil that combines instant luminosity with free radical fighting power – allow skin to feel ravishingly rejuvenated and luminous with mineral highlights. Enjoy your deep relaxation and full-body total "swell"ness.

This is a full body treatment with CBD oil to target area requested.

Light to Firm Pressure

50 Minutes $120

80 Minutes $ 196

Warm Therapy

A delightful experience incorporating the relaxing effects of Swedish Massage with warm heat packs. A great alternative to anyone that enjoys warm stones but would like more hands-on massage.  A perfect choice for anyone with arthritic issues, sore muscles or someone who just loves the warmth anytime of the year!

Light to Medium Pressure

50 Minutes $91

80 Minutes $126

Swedish & Reflexology Combo Massage 

A Utopia Client Favorite!

Combines Swedish Massage and Reflexology for enhanced relaxation and benefits.

Light to Medium Pressure

50 Minutes $95

80 Minutes $130


An alternative practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet

Firm to Deep Pressure

25 Minutes $64

50 Minutes $95

Custom Massage

A true Utopia Massage Therapist's treat!

"Pot Luck", whatever you prefer to call this service, its sure to leave you wanting more. Tell your therapist your areas of concern and let them take over. This service is a combination of the many services we offer and will never be the same twice!

50 Minutes $120

80 Minutes $195

110 Minutes $230

Warm Stone Experience

A therapeutic and rejuvenating massage incorporating warm stones with the use of the therapists hands and moderate to deep pressure to intensely soothe tired, aching muscles and aid relaxation.

Moderate to Deep Pressure

50 Minutes- $95

Choose Back, Neck, & Shoulders 

50 Minutes- Total Body- $100

80 Minutes- Total Body $138

Scalp Massage

A delightful service to add on to any massage or experience on its own.  Oils are used to massage and invigorate the scalp, increasing circulation and blood flow.  

Moderate to Deep Pressure

*Best booked as an add on service

25 Minutes $43

*Note: You will leave this service oily. Pre-book a blowout service*

Gua Sha  

A Traditional Chinese medicine in which your therapist will use tools to produce blood circulation in tired, sore, and stiff muscles. It helps promote healing, recovery, and cell repair.

**This service uses Black Pepper oil

As an add on-25 minutes

Hands & Feet- $30

Back- $25

Four Hands Massage

50 Minutes$152

80 Minutes $232

Formerly known as our Tandem. Four flowing hands perform your massage in perfect unison. This luxurious massage provides the ultimate service for the seasoned spa goer.

Light to Firm Pressure

Massage Add On Enhancements

Bronze $10 

Honey Heel Glaze

Back Only Body Polish

-exfoliates dead skin cells

Gua Sha- Feet

Back Warmer

Scented Massage Cream

Silver $20 


Gua Sha- Back

Dry Brush- Full Body

-helps stimulate circulation, exfoliates dead skin cellls

Gold $30

Arnica Cream

-helps to reduce inflammation and signs of bruising *not to be combined with aromatherapy*

Magnesium Cream

-enhances tissue recovery, reduces pain, improves tendon and ligament flexibility while breaking down inflammation to ease muscle cramps and spasms

*We currently do not offer on location massage services*

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