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For the Men

Men's Foot Treatment

Clip, file and buff the nails while a  masque and exfoliation hydrates deep into your feet and lower legs. Calluses are treated in a stimulating foot soak and soothing foot and lower leg massage. 

50 minutes $50

Warm Paraffin Dip for Hands $12

Warm Paraffin Dip for Feet $14

Men's Deep Tissue Massage

Recharge your body with this powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. This treatment uses deep movements and stretching techniques concentrated on specific areas of concern to help relieve common discomforts and sports related tension.

Firm to Deep pressure

25 Minutes- Back, Neck, & Shoulders $59

50 Minutes- Choose Full Body or Back, Neck, & Shoulders $89

80 Minutes- Choose Full Body or Back, Neck, and Shoulders $130

Men's Modern Haircut       $25

Men's Buzz Haircut             $19

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