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Women's Haircut

Women's Dry Haircut

Men's Modern Haircut

Men's Buzz Haircut

Children's Dry Haircut 0-5 years

Girl's Haircut 6-10 years

Boy's Haircut 6-10 years

Bang Trim





Luster Lock

Defy Damage

25/55 Minutes

Keratin Anti-Frizz Treatment

Marcia is a revolutionary treatment for all kinds of hair.

It softens curls and conditions dry, over processed,

damaged hair; leaving clients with frizz-free, beautiful,

healthy hair that is manageable and full of shine.

Dry Scalp Therapy Relief 





additional styling- please see Blowout Bar

Casual Styling 

arrive with clean, wet hair

Formal Styling

arrive with clean, dry hair

 *For Bridal Information, please visit Bridal 


Clip In Extensions

Great for Brides

30 minute extension consultation available 

50% deposit required

Available by Custom Order


New Client or Reformulation Color                                            $60+

base color & ends glazed

Base Color Retouch

up to 4 weeks                                                                                 $43+

4 to 6 weeks                                                                                    $50+

6 to 8 weeks                                                                                    $57+

8+ weeks- please refer to Reformulation Color

Mini Base Color Retouch                                                              $38+

hair line& part only

Demi Perm Color/Glaze/Gloss                                                    $43+

added to any color service (after lightening)                             $15+

Shadow Rooting                                                                            $65+

added to any color service (after lightening)                           $40+


Foil by Foil                                                                                      $6 each

up to 15 foils

Traditional Foiling                                                                          $86+

Babylights                                                                                       $123+

Dusty Balayage                                                                              $63+

around the hairline & face

Halo Balayage with glaze                                                              $83+

around the hairline, face & crown of head

Balayage with glaze                                                                        $123+

Pinterest Worthy Blonding 4 hours                                             $250-300+

consultation starts at our new guest tab where

we will ask you to send photos of your hair currently,

what your desired looks are and hair history for the

last 5 years.

During your appointment, your coloring session will include

Defy Damage, lightener, glazes, cut and curls 

Intensity Colors                                                                              By Consult

Extra Lightener                                                                              $20+

Extra Color                                                                                     $15+


Traditional Perm                                                                          $64+

Spiral or Wave Perm                                                                   $78+

The Modern Perm                                                                       $98+

The “+” sign indicates variations in price among Utopia Salon and Day Spa stylists based on education, experience and skill level. 

All Coloring Services performed on anyone under 18, require a parent signature. 

All Coloring Services may take more than one service to reach desired look.

All Cuts except styles that note "dry cut" include a shampoo, blow dry and styled finish. 

Curling and Ironing are additional.

















By Consult