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Women's Haircut          

Women's Dry Haircut

Men's Modern Haircut

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with blowout

Defy Damage

with blowout

Fiber Clinic

with Blowout

Smoothing Treatment

Keratin Anti-Frizz Smoothing Treatment

2.5-3 hours

lasts 12-15 weeks

keratin treatment that will reduce curl pattern with significantly fewer fumes, leaving the hair healthy, frizz free, shiny and manageable. It will also cut your styling

time in half.

Keratin Express Treatment

20 Minutes

lasts 4-5 weeks

mini treatment to extend color life and vibrancy. It keeps the curl and frizz under control. 

We offer a complete line of aftercare hair products

to maintain that smooth, healthy look for months at a time. 



smooth finish with round or vent brush

Curling or Flat Iron Finish 

Formal Styling

arrive with clean, blow dried hair

*this service is for events such as proms, semi formals etc and our books are open to schedule

6 weeks in advance

includes 20% grat.

 *For Bridal Information, please visit Bridal Tab to fill out an inquiry form


New Client or Reformulation Color                                                            $77

base color & ends glazed (all over color)

Base Color Retouch                                                                                      $67

root retouch only-

Color10 Retouch  upgrade                                                                           $7

Mini Base Color Retouch                                                                             $55

hair line& part only

Demi Permanent Color                                                                                 $60

toner,glaze, gloss- for after blonding color shift, grey blending, refresh ends                      

added to any color service (after lightening & refreshing ends)   $15+

Custom Lightening

Mini Foiling                                                                                       $56

traditional foil highlights focusing around the face and bang area. Only one technique is used. 

Partial Foiling                                                                                   $92

traditional foil highlights focusing around the face, on the top, and crown of the head. Only one technique is used.

Full Foiling                                                                                       $133

traditional foil highlight that is spaced evenly throughout the head. Only one technique is used.  

Bleach & Tone                                                                                $250

new client*

full lightening on scalp & foiled ends if needed, followed by glaze/ toning to desired shade

Bleach & Tone Touch Up                                                               $155

full lightening on scalp & foiled ends if needed, followed by glaze/ toning to desired shade

Platinum Card                                                                                 $250

Technique putting every single hair on the head in foil to create a solid blonde color. *Typical Appointments are 4-6 hours. 


dusty- around the hairline & face                                                   $89

halo- around the hairline, face & crown of head                          $109

full-  whole head                                                                              $169

New Client or Maintenance Blonding/ Brunette                                        $250

4 hours -6 hours            

The "big appointment" where we set the placement and foundation of your new look. This is not your average highlight, multiple techniques may be used and will achieve noticeable results and brightness.

An individually customized shadow root and glaze is included. If you're looking for a Pinterest custom blonde, brightened ends, a big change like removing box color, full balayage look, or haven't had this service in 4-6 months, book this.

When to book: 1 to 2 times a year

During your appointment, your coloring session will include

Defy Damage, lightener, glazes, cut and curls 


A La Carte Extras

Money Piece or Tip Out                                                                 $56

Shadow Rooting or Root Tap                                                        $65

added to any color service (after lightening)                                  $40

as an add on                                                                                    $40

Extra Lightener/Time                                                                      $20

Extra Color                                                                                       $10

Blowout and styling after color/lightening service                   $15

Haircut after color/lightening service                                         $44


Traditional Perm                                                                          $75

standard 9 section perm

Spiral or Wave Perm                                                                   $150

piggyback wave 

The Modern Perm                                                                       $250

loose, soft wave for a natural look 


Clip In Extensions                                                                  By Consultation

Great for Brides

30 minute extension consultation available 

50% deposit required

Available by Custom Order

consultation starts at our new guest tab where

we will ask you to send photos of your hair currently,

what your desired looks are and hair history for the

last 5 years.

Deposits for all New Color and Chemical/Keratin Clients 

In Person Consultation (if requested)- $25

Appointment Deposit $100

All prices are starting at and are depending on length, thickness and density. Extra bowls of color and lightener may be needed. Your final price can not be determined until the end of color/ blonding service. 

All quotes/ consultations are estimates and subject to change.

Deposits are taken from all new color or blonding, chemical/keratin clients. Client is considered "new" after 4 months. A new deposit will be taken. If policy is not followed, deposit is forfeited. 

All Coloring Services performed on anyone under 18, require a parent signature. 

We do not allow outside products to be used inside of Utopia. Whether they are professional or drugstore.

All Coloring Services may take more than one service to reach desired look.

All Cuts except styles that note "dry cut" include a shampoo, blow dry and styled finish. 

Curling and Ironing are additional.

No returns on products due to Covid. 

Keratin products must be purchases to properly maintain service. 

We do not call previous stylists/techs for formulas/techniques etc. If you would like to bring it along with you, please do so. Your stylists/tech will use as needed.













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